Difference Between Fate And Destiny

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Before i start my topic , How many actually knows the differences between fate and destiny? Fate is predestined in our life, it is like a guardian which decides our fate in life when we are born on earth, Destiny is like what my previous post, is something we can control and create the what we wished to be. life is not just about your destiny, everything you do consist of fate.

So is fate predestined? You can be master of your own fate, or you can choose believe in your fate.Fate is something that is given to you, you either have to accept it or you don’t.

Everyone’s life is fated, for instant we do not know when we are leaving this world, but still we are fated to leave one day. Even though we cannot conquer fate, we at least believe who we are and what we may be. This i would call is accepting fate, and by accepting you are moving on with life.

Your future is not in the hands of  fate unless you do not create your own destiny, therefor you will have fate inflict upon you. Don’t let fate decides your future, you are the creator and writer of your own destiny.

“The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours.” Quoted by  Jules Jusserano

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19 thoughts on “Difference Between Fate And Destiny

  1. Mingasaurus Rex

    The difference between fate and destiny, is actually only so slight. I won’t say they are synonyms because if they were, there would be no need to create two different words to separate the two. But thats simply my opinion. The definitions of words vary from person to person. Why? This is because we each have our own experiences and perspective which change and alter it. Happiness could very well mean something different to a wealthy man as opposed to a impoverished one. I do not believe anything in life is predestined except death. No one decides our fate but ourselves; life is what we make it, not what some guardian decides. How can we be the master of our own fate if we did not choose it and some guardian made that choice for us. Fate is a choice we all get to make; because as i said before life is what we make it. Even with death as an inevitability (for now), we are still able to make choices within our life before that occurs. You say we cannot conquer fate? I ask of you, why not? Are we not in control of our own lives like you say? Life is a story that we write ourselves, not a story that has already been written. We never know what will happen next, which brings me to my next point. Change. Change is inevitable in our life. Its the only constant that remains true in our life. Due to that reason, it becomes intertwined with fate. Why? Fate can change too. Our fate can change by the choices we make, if we choose to smoke, we might be fated to die early rather than later. Does anyone really know what we plan to do with our lives? No one does, not even ourselves. So how does one omniscient guardian know all? Does he know all the choices we have yet to make. How can he/she see past the choices we have yet to make, when we aren’t even able to do that ourselves. I believe destiny is our ending point in life regardless of what actions we chose to get there. Whatever our destiny may be (before death; the sum of all our accomplishments and etc), it is heavily decided upon fate. Whether we are fated to accomplish certain things or not, due to the choices we made in our life. With that being said, fate is simply the sum of our choices, and destiny is the final result of all our choices.

  2. johngiocz

    Your future is not in the hands of fate unless you do not create your own destiny, therefor you will have fate inflict upon you. Don’t let fate decides your future, you are the creator and writer of your own destiny.

    ok this tells all :)

  3. Tahsinul Ahsan

    Fate and destiny is just there, quite honestly, to make us think about a life that has been already been predetermined. You can think about it over and over again. But again, fate will lead will to a path that will conclude in your destiny. Destiny is what will you believe will happen. Fate is there to prove it that destiny will happen.

  4. Khevin

    I think fate is true. Thats how my gf and me met <3. Also Thats how I met all my friends. But I don't know bout destiny, because I dont really know whats my destiny is. But I think we can choose our destiny if we try. Everyone can have their own destiny if they have faith in themselves. :D

  5. Séb F.

    Fate is seen as divinely planned… whereas destiny has the power to be influenced by man’s actions :b
    Fate can be changed by your efforts but destiny can’t … I Think =)

  6. Glenn Ng Meng Siang

    hi shawn. very interesting :) The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours. very true. haha. btw. can u change the background colour ? cause black and white makes my eye pain. LOL. hard to read . sorry

  7. NinoMunak

    Many people believe in fate, but i don’t think fate has something to do with our future.., we are the ones that makes our future not some fate or destiny of whatsoever… just think of it as this… try believing in fate… you believe that your destiny is to become rich.., but how can you become rich if you don’t do anything that will make you rich..? destiny can be done if you put hard work on it….., just as Jules said “Futures is not in the hand of fate, but in ours”

  8. ShawnShidevil Post author

    Yes! futures is in the hand of ours. :) nice saying but destiny is part of life, so does fate. everything adds up together.

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