Distorting the truth

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Yesterday i wrote about “Accepting reality”, however sometimes reality can twist or turn due to people distorting facts or truth. So today i will be writing about “distorting the truth”. Everyone point of view on “distorting the truth” is different. But commonly we viewed it as making a statement or a story that is relatively or technically correct but actually the story not like this, it was twisted and turn in order to make people believe the story.

The truth is somehow cruel, it can be good and can be bad, sometimes people will take it seriously or lightly. Some truth are distorted to prevent argument or any fights,¬† there are also people who distort the truth in making people believe their story,there are people who even distort the truth of being sad or emotionally compromise. Everyone who distort have a purpose, be it being angry, sad, grieve, or any emotional. They distort the truth so that others won’t know what is happening to them

Have you wondered how people are able to distort truth or facts? It’s actually a skill that human acquired during learning¬† or experience and turns it into habit and personality. It makes people believe and deemed that the story or the facts is real, people don’t realized it that’s all. Sometimes distorting is also use in changing a person attitude or judgment. We just don’t know when people are distorting the truth.

We don’t know why people distort the truth, well main reason is hiding facts/truth. However the truth is that distorting is equivalent to hiding, you can’t differentiate between illusion and reality, everything you viewed seems distorted because of the way you look at things. Rather then making your life distorted why not try to make reality your truth, and by doing so, distortion will never occur to your mind.

“Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them.” Quoted by John Henry Newman quotes

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31 thoughts on “Distorting the truth

  1. Rei Corigliano

    to tell the truth thats the hardest things, i did that before, if i dare to tell someone the truth about something, i must dare to take the risk and deal to whatever he/she will do to me after knowing the truth..some can accept that, some are not, well that’s all their decision, as for me , i better tell the truth and so i can move on my life without even being feel guilty hiding the truth….


  2. shan

    DISTORTING TRUTH is bending reality, bending reality is deceiving.

    hee hee I dunno but somehow I really can relate this.. xD

  3. abbey

    cause sometimes people dont wanna accept the truth… they made themselves believe for things that they wanted to be…

    they dream, make believe but they do know.. everthing is a fake

  4. Slayer Onnya

    It’s just like when you want to see something in front of you that you know, could never be there. Strong desires of the mind leads people to distorting the truth… and we can’t blame them… I too distort the truth ^_^ haha… It’s just because, you sometimes want to see things in another view; something not as stereotypical as reality =PP

  5. ShawnShawn Post author

    Slayer: Haha! distort truth to see things in another view, or maybe this is right, to distort truth to get answers differently or more appropriate.

  6. Ma. Chevylle

    It’s not as simple as A B C on the alphabet on telling the truth, it takes courage to do that, and for sure most of us is good at distorting the truth. It has been part of our lives, and that’s inevitable. We somehow do it, without knowing.

  7. ShawnShawn Post author

    Chevylle: Yes! we do it without knowing we are distorting it. Actually distorting is mainly used when saying bad of a person or something. Instead of good we say bad and leaves a bad impression.. something like this.

  8. Gherick

    Mind see what it chooses to see…
    People want to believe what they want to believe, they distort the truth because of this. I agree with reality vs illusion. It’s all illusion to me.

  9. Ma. Chevylle

    Distorting truth is not bad at all times though, we just have to use it in a bit good manner :p

  10. ShawnShawn Post author

    Chevylle: Really hard to say.. If we can distort in a good manner, it is as if that person will just accept whatever reason you said.

  11. Elaine Liis

    Distorting the truth is always a lie. Even if someone said we have to lie for the sake of others, It’s still a sin. Nothing can bring goodness in telling lies. If people say its for someone else, the outcome is always the same: BAD. If we ran away from the truth, we’ll always be running away just to live a “what you see” as Happy Life, but in truth we’re just suffering.

  12. ShawnShawn Post author

    Elaine: yeah! not say always a lie, it can be a good lie or bad lie. Yup it’s still a sin thought. nice explanation.

  13. Ghjan Sadie

    :)from what I experience if a story has been passed down… the truth doesn’t seem to come out anymore.. people keep putting “elements” in the story either to make them look good… or to make something interesting..

  14. ShawnShawn Post author

    Ghjan: Yeah! people add oil or fire into the story to make it look good or make it looks bad..add lots of unnecessary stuffs.

  15. aileenLiis

    I agree with Ma.Chevylle for some reason, we distort some truth so that we can prevent being hurt. its not that i agree completely with distorting truth, its just that it can also help us live easily…
    well that is my opinion….

    nice one btw ^_^

  16. Ghjan Sadie

    yea:) its like writing there own little novel ^^. so people tend to believe in lies.. because they were told lies in the 1st place

  17. ShawnShawn Post author

    Ghjan: Yeah… story can be really manipulative.. you can twist facts,truth,hurt,agony and everything in the story. You can even change the whole plot.

  18. Lisa Goldman

    Often enough people will do anything to get what they wants. That are including violence, hurt other feeling and lie.

    However it is possible that people destroying for good purpose. For example getting friend out of trouble.

    Your article it is well written. Thanks!

  19. elfie

    Well i don’t think that distorting the truth is somewhat too much of a lie, it’s more like making something sound technically true. Human do it all the time, stretching the truth to make something look better, hiding part of facts so that ppl believe in it more, seek for attention and more…
    Somehow, i do think that distorting the truth is sometimes necessary to change the perspective of ppl towards something, especially the young minds. For example, parents might as well tell their child that as long as they study well in school they will become successful in the future. Well, it’s not 100% sure right? But it does motivate or at least push the child to do something good.
    So i believe distorting the truth can be a bad thing for it being something like lying but there is also something good to it. But it also means that we’re not facing the real truth and living in some kind of our own dreamland. :)

  20. Bennjoe

    It’s true.i think everyone have already made a distorted story.Most of the times i distort truths to protect something..but sometimes.what we think is good isn’t really good.by tryng to help, we may have just made the situation be more complicated

    Definitely , everyone lied already. :D


    3 thumbs up.hahah

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