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Yesterday topic “manipulation” was great! one of the nicest topic i wrote. However no matter how much you manipulate or distort the truth, sometimes you are being accused for some reason or something, so today i will be writing on “Being accused”. Accused is commonly used in a criminal, however we human also use accused in a more general way by finding fault or blame the person.

Before i continue, accused is being concluded. So which means people who you conclude, is being accused by you.

Everyone has been accused before for something they did, its a undeniable fact that you have been accused if you have done something wrong, but what about those people who has been accused wrongly? before anyone accuse of stealing or anything, we should firstly get the facts,evidences or witnesses first before we accuse the person, we should never jump to conclusion and presume that he or she did something bad.

We should listen to both side or the stories before we can conclude and accuse the person, rather then only listening to a single-side story. Some people who listen to a single side story are bias against the accused, without listening his story we won’t know what is the truth and things behind it.

The feeling of being accused is remorseful or rather sometimes you will feel a mix of emotions. It’s not a very nice feeling being accuse for something you have not done, as you have been misunderstood or have been accused by people who have prejudiced on you.

Have you ever been accused by your friends, family or anyone around you? I believe everyone has been accused once before for something they do, however don’t feel dishearten if you have been accused wrongly, because your conscience is clear and you did nothing wrong. The accuser however should apologize to you, because he/she has conclude you without truths.

“If you live long enough the venerability factor creeps in; you get accused of things you never did and praised for virtues you never had.” Quoted by I. F. Stone

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34 thoughts on “Being accused

  1. Gherick

    People wouldn’t accuse you, if they knew you can’t do such a thing. I mean if they knew you well, and you’re good, they wouldn’t accuse you of anything bad.
    If you’re being accuse of something, just tell the truth and you’ll feel good.
    thanks Shawn

  2. ShawnShawn Post author

    Gherick: thank you! yup your right :) i feel accused as being a kind of hatred feeling. I notice people do that often. No problem gherick!

  3. Hannah

    This topic is very timely for me…
    I just got accused hours ago as a second acct… zzz.
    And threatened to be banned, like I care..

    Accusation is not a definite conclusion. For me its just a mere self-proclaimed allegation.

  4. ShawnShawn Post author

    Hannah: me too! i got accused however it was a small problem. Well i believe conclusion is based on accusation because they are definitely concluding you based on what you done. that has a accused actions in it.

  5. Hannah

    I don’t thinks so. Conclusion must be based on concrete evidence or through objective point of view, otherwise its just a fallacy.
    Accusation is thrown to someone who is the object of trial. It doesn’t imply that the accused is already guilty. So we can’t say that it is already a conclusion.
    Conclusion comes after the proof of accusation.

    Well, this is only my opinion,

  6. Neil Pineda

    Just like a quote, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover “. Being accused can’t be avoided in our lives. But being accused wrongly really hurts someone’s emotions. I really liked today’s topic.

  7. elfie

    In this modern life, there has been a lot of cases where ppl have been accusing others mainly to drop others’ image and hurt others indirectly. This is kinda abusing the great power of accusing.
    I don’t like the way it goes where ppl nowadays accuse others based on their emotions and prejudice towards others, maybe because they hate them or dislike them.
    So i think in any kind of action, we should never let our feeling get in our way. Also before accusing others, try to confirm the situations first and obtain some solid evidence beforehand. There are always better ways of handling things :)

  8. ShawnShawn Post author

    Elfie: you got my point :) great! some people just need to know that emotions and prejudice against others because they dislike or hate them is wrong…. totally.. i love your comment!

  9. Marcus

    it depends what you realli think accusation means. Is it a form of conclusion of someone based on facts, or a judgement based on opinions, rumours and gossips u hear from others?

    The truth will always be there, but whether we do confront the truth with accusation is another matter.

  10. cez isz ellicec

    omg shawn , i hate being accused . =/ way back in highschool , i was accused of stealing someone else’s boyfriend . and i was like “wtf r u talking bwt ? i dont even know the guy!” only to find out they got the wrong girl and so they apolgized. but u know, people hu heard and people hu knew what happened thinks im really a flirt and up to now, it still frustrates me..

    dunno y people accuse someone without showing evidences first. some of them, or MOST of them , ended up saying sorry to that person they accused of. grrr.

  11. ShawnShawn Post author

    Marcus: nice one there, your right. too many forms somehow. Truth will be reveal when the time is ripe. :)

  12. ShawnShawn Post author

    Cez: Awww, must be a bad feeling. however don’t feel dishearten. I believe the truth is always there, conscience is clear am i right? :)

  13. annalie

    i also believe that in accusing
    ” to see is to believe” is not right because sometimes what u see has a deeper meaning and wahtever

    being accused is really painful but u shud defend and not feel guilty if u are not

  14. ShawnShawn Post author

    Annalie: yeah! should defend if you are not guilty rather then people conclude you that you are guilty.

  15. James

    But sometimes being accused is not ok. . .
    They will judge you even through you didn’t do anything wrong its gonna affect your daily living. . .

  16. ShawnShawn Post author

    James: i agree with you! its gonna affect everyday living, fear of being accused by others, the mental trauma.

  17. Ma. Chevylle

    Accusing without strong evidence or evidences is not good at all. And being accused is more way tragic than a disaster. It might be true or not, the person being accused will feel the same way. Best thing for this matter is to make sure that before saying a word, or that of accusing, we have to make sure that is real and true. Considering that we are in the position of being accused, this will be a major crisis, but it will take a while wherein we will be able to accept the wrong or true accusations, we just have to deal with it and not to run away from it. Justice will prevail ;)

  18. ShawnShawn Post author

    Chevylle: Omg! yes true! it’s a tragic rather then a disaster, i notice that people will feel that its not a disaster but tragic what if its a close friend and you accused him or anything. Tragic is losing a friend.

  19. James

    it is not to say that… TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE….

    what if you arrive in a wrong timing that you didn’t see the whole sequence or story ?
    Its really hard to rely in that word you have to here both side first before judging like in the court that’s why they have a hearing in the court to here both side

    I’m Just Commenting not arguing ^^

  20. ShawnShawn Post author

    James: haha! it’s her view :) however good point, example, if someone didn’t see the whole story or situation. He will only presume or assume.

  21. Elaine Liis

    I’ve been accused for about many times [I can't even count it anymore]. It feels irritating and sad. Accusing someone can lead to arguments. Lets take for example, the argument a while ago in PPB. [I bet you know the story now.. haha! I don't really want to offend someone. :) so let's take that aside.]

    Hearing some accusations which we haven’t done can trigger our indignations/Pride. So we need to defend calmly. I was accused a while ago and before [worst accusations that they threw at me was Stealing a Monet from a store! >:( ]. I got mad. But I kind of remembered my teacher saying “If something like this happens, We need to relax. Take a deep deep breath. Then another. Then another one. then, think of better way to deal with it and be calm. then explain nicely.” I did. and its relaxing.

    Because If we’re being accused and do something unnecessary [shout, argue, etc] it will make things worst. Anger will only make you a bad person. You’ll say unnecessary things, that you shouldn’t have. It will make us GUILTY for doing something that we haven’t really done.


  22. Slayer Onnya

    Nothing is wrong with being accused… Usually people who are angry does so, the accused ones should just understand that. If someone is angry it is not healthy to get upset as well.

  23. ShawnShawn Post author

    Elaine: Yes its sad, lead to arguments and lot’s of problem after that. Wow! good point here, if you are being accused and you showed anger, means you are guilty of what you have done, sometimes people do that often. We should relax and deal it calmly, great explanation here.

  24. Bennjoe

    ACCUSED..nice topic.. :D

    i also do believe that everyone is already accused
    ..for what they did..and for what they DIDN’T did

    “anyone is innocent until proven guilty.. ”

    heheh…and the bible says

    “Thou shalt not accuse others”

    ..i know.if someone’s upset they can easily accuse others..but people in their right minds..think first before accusing..or pointing out others..they may have a suspect..but i guess they should not say it out loud until they proved someone guilty. :D

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